Osella’s personnel are regarded as industry experts. We often consult with clients at the concept or budgetary development stages to proactively ensure robust process and product optimizations.


We are committed to innovation and excellence in everything we do. We set  the bar of expectation high and we actively embrace challenging opportunities that allow us to validate our role as industry leaders.


As an Amico affiliate, Osella Technologies enjoys shared access to world-class operating and management systems and to capital backing for the undertaking of projects at virtually any scale.


In 2018, Amico launched an ambitious, forward-looking program called Amico 2030. Its goal: to revolutionize the industries in which it and its partner organizations operate by using new smart technologies in game-changing ways. By anticipating the needs of the coming decade, Amico and its partner organizations are positioning themselves on the leading edge of transformative development.
As a result of this philosophy, Amico is actively engaged with municipal and provincial governments to implement a variety of technology-driven initiatives. In partnership with local government bodies, the company is working on the development of a three-kilometre smart corridor in Southwestern Ontario. Its purpose is to use 5G networks to seamlessly and safely manage the movement of autonomous vehicles through environments shared with bicycles, scooters and other modes of alternative transportation. Amico is also engaged in easing traffic congestion using smart infrastructures, particularly where these enhance public health and safety in the emerging world of autonomous vehicles.
Another initiative is the development of CONSTRUCTR, a software platform that automates the management of an entire suite of logistics functions, from the scheduling and tracking of materials delivery and invoice documentation, to the management of site materials and the government-mandated tracking of soil transfers. By automating and integrating data from brokers and delivery teams, CONSTRUCTR makes the process of material movement fully digital. And because it is built entirely on smart technologies and GPS tracking, CONSTRUCTR delivers irrefutable data and insight through every step of the logistics chain.
As a member of the Amico family, Osella is integrally connected to the 2030 operating philosophy. Our goal, wherever possible, is to lead through intelligent applications of new and emerging technologies, to give our clients a strong, competitive edge.

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